Shalwar Qameez (Latest and Classical Designs)

Salwar Qameeez

Latest collection of Pakistani Salwar Kameez. It contains a large collection of very nice Pakistani Saalwar Qameeez with Pakistani Girls Dresses, Indian Girls Dresses, Dresses Bridal Room, Jewellary designs, Girls Skin Care and Beauty. Pakistani Shalwar Kameez is the most popular South Asian Women specially India girls, Pakistani girls. This Pakistani Shalwar Qameez are extremely comfortable and looks very elegant on women of all ages. Pakistani Shalwar Qameez designed by a team of designers who strive to look good.  You stand out by enhance these nice dresses by unique embellishment. using different kinds of embroidery, Block Print, Bead, SEQUIN, Zardosi, Dabka, Tilla work, Ghara work cut and a lot of other Pakistani Fashion industry and the Indian fashion industry.

Zink with White Shalwar

Kurta, shirt collar loose, not to the advantage of not only people from India, regardless of age, ethnic and religious, but have you tried out for women of fashion to talk as well. Huge popularity certainly be attributed to a feeling of comfort, because it gives the carrier.Often in the development of embroidery, fantastic savings for the follow-up. Traditional colors white, cream or How do.....more

Yellow Embroided Kameez With Plain Pajama

Wedding Salwar kameez makes use of rich materials, which help to give a look to the owner of the beautiful lady. In this context, the satin is a popular choice, given the wide variety of colors and has a luxurious sheen. Then you have silk, tissue, crepe, which consists of all popular choices for a bride. These days, Georgette, velvet, and even disheen are also good choices for wedding Salwaar Kameez. Although the choice between them.....more

Sleeveless Redish Shirt with Emproided Shalwar

In terms of pants, churidar include basic patterns, Patiala Salwar, Pathani pants, straight pants and bell bottoms. The patterns of the past two kameez is a bit shorter in duration, and go above the knees. Back to churidar, it is a tight fit trousers, which contains buttons, cuff at the ankle and is located in the folds at the end (looks like a set of bracelets of comfort in the ankle). Then you have the pants Patiala....more

Orange with Golden

There are several methods available in the kameez trousers, and some are related to a T-shirt only, while others focus mainly on the pants. Patterns kameez popular a simple process, Angrakha style, Anarkali style, A-line, as the style Kurta. The style I kameez made by the standardization body, making it suitable as soon as possible, while for ease of movement. Angrakha and a style that is copied from the musicians in the royal court. It is one side of the.....more

Off White with Chocolate Combination

When it comes to the bride Indian Salwar kameez is one of the options that one of the dress code for the D-Day. One of the traditional Indian dress, because a perfect combination of elegance and comfort. Although the Punjab especially those already known to wear pants suit to the wedding, and brides from a different culture has also begun with the adoption.....more

Golden Brown with Dark Red

Kurta - pajamas, which consists of two pieces of clothing, is one of the basic Indian clothing for men. The first is that the dress Kurta as a loose long shirt almost reaching the knees, while the second is the panties or pajamas, a light-weight trousers Rabat. While usually worn on formal occasions, may also Kurta pajamas worn casually. Infact, there are many Indian men who wear the dress as such sleepwear....more

Golden Yellow Leather Kameez with Blue Combination

The Dupatta is a long rectangular, scarf, like dust, and worn on the shoulders of women in India. Generally administered with traditional Salwaar Kam√ęz, Dupatta symbol of modesty in the Indian society. It is known by various names such as Odhni, Chunari, and even just Chunni Unni (mentioned by people in the Gujarati.....more

Contrasing Pink With Off White (Shalwar Kameez)

How should I dress? Dressing conservatively is always the safest way, but we must also try and do a little research of your future employer, so what you wear an interview makes you look like you fit with the organization. If you dress (which is rare but can happen) or slip (most likely), it may be a potential employer that you feel not enough concern about this task. How do you know what is good dress for work of a particular company or industry. You can call the....more

Atshi Ghulabi Kameez with Choridar Pajama

Come very attractive femininity glow in the modern kameez trousers, without prejudice to one of her modesty. It should be simple, sleek and stylish and elegant, cool, stylish and above all a beautiful thing really. Salwar Kameez is the traditional Indian dress for women. But in the days to the present concept designs Salwar kameez revolution, the emergence of new trends.....more

Anarkali Churidar Suit

DesignsSalwar suit pants suit and stylish new designs and innovative so they rule to all the groups designer. If the wedding Salwar Kameez, Designer Salwar suit embroidered trousers or any design brings beauty, fashion and tradition. Salwar Kameez Salwar Indian designs, and this includes where kurta and sequins work all over the front panel. From the heavy hand embroidery done in the pattern of AMBI with Resham and Zari thread is huge. Embroidery is.....more

Embroidered Salwar Suit

Pattern can be - to be stitched as Salwar Kameez, Indian or semi-churidar Patiala Salwar Kameez Material - Cotton Description - Designer Salwar Kameez! This beautiful Salwar kameez will make quiet of the Task rich. Indian design is very interesting. The yoke of complex motifs. Panel Skirts led to the complexity of printing. Is to maintain the soil easily. Dupatta is a delicate beauty......more

Kammez With matching Lace

Indian Wedding Indian Salwar KameezThis beautiful wedding Salwar kameez is a method the designer. Intensive contrasting embroidery on the neck kameez trousers designed with thread, sequins and mirror those who are looking amazing. The front panel of kameez is detailed with thread embroidery and sequins buties work. Churidar Salwar easy it is to maintain the appearance of improving kameez. Contrasts with embroidered Dupatta....more

Firok Type Kameez

This beautiful printed crepe trousers kamiz in Brasso Salwar kameez materials and light green color with black print, and style statement. Article is fine until it fits the size of the body and make you feel comfortable and free. Kamiz neck is designed with wide sleeves and is embellished with Aldibaj end. Pants in the chicken is nice. Shorts kamiz have been printed Dupatta identical to the increase of its beauty dress....more

Full Sleeve Kameez

These beautiful embroidered Salwar kameez is wow! Look at the embroidery on the kameez jaal buties passion seems to be a lot of hard work, and this is done to the design. The design of this literally kameez trousers and embroidery to promote universal design, who wear it. Not only has this already pretty embroidered Salwar kameez trousers buties on who is looking amazing and Dupatta with matching sequins and embroidery on the straps beautiful Palo....more

Chicken Work at Pink Kameez

Gorgeous! It is not .. Salwar Kameez online watch this you will also like it, and tend to buy this dress. Kameez may prevent the printing and embroidery across the front. Nir kameez with heavy embroidery and sequins work were amazing. Salwar kameez sleeves with self is a mixture of points and sequins work on the edges. Churidar Salwar also block print....more

Silk Shirt and Pajama

I initially opted for the red wedding dress and this is the traditional color for brides Sikh (my husband is a Sikh), but after that I always dreamed my wedding would be from an early age - I've always thought that I would marry in the traditional white, and thus the reason I was skeptical at first whether the red dress suit me - all I can say is a red dress was a complete success, and was so much better than wearing a white robe . Also started looking at the difference between....more

Red Shalwar Kameez with Plain Dupatta

Other color to all. Some take it as a symbol of the love of others are seen as anger. Yet nobody can deny that this is the color of your heart. This is the color you chose when you fill your card first love which was the same used to make two hearts a little. Color of its special charm, and nobody can deny this fact. In most anything at this point in time when the....more

Maroon Shalwar with Green Kameez

The latest fashion, who was able to capture hearts of many wedding dresses are red. They will not make you look good, but will also help your confidence in the internal affairs showing. There are many beautiful designs available for those who do not feel like getting them all. However, it is necessary that you should be able to go so well with your physique to get. There are many designers who are working to address. You will be able to....more

Green and Red Checkdar Shirt

This is the time to appear in all parts of the world you can try something new, and make the others follow. If you look around for options for your wedding dress red wedding dresses you notice is also called as "hot" just because they make you look great. There are different parts and designs that will be able to find in stores and online stores. There are many things the color.....more

Golden and Red Salwar Kameez

I've always worn by anyone what happened to you or what you know would be appreciated, just because you are afraid to try something new, something you want to do. If this is what is in your mind is important to try and change the perception by side with what people thought about you. It is good to know you're looking good, but if everyone wore the same difference than what you will bring. It is true that a lot of courage to try something new, but at the same time......more

Light Blue with Brown Shades

On television, even today, and some presentations which aired '80s. What fun this show is that it is recorded in a timely manner. 80s TV programs are likely to not only bring back memories of your childhood or your young adult days, but can also help you familiarize yourself 80s fashion trends....more

Light Pink with White Combination

Indians, Pakistanis, Surrey force is the traditional dress of India and Pakistan, which was way back since 2800 - 1800 BC. This was mainly because Hindu culture was against wearing a piece of cloth that was pierced with a needle to be impure that woven, were worn by pure cotton saris. Since the 6 meters of cotton saris...more

Dark Red Suit with Royal Pajama

This often end up leaving a large part of the body at risk. In a day? S community, you should always look for sexual predators. While your teen is not necessarily interested in someone, someone finally get in reality this kind of felt. This can put your teenager in a strange and potentially dangerous. If this is the case...more

Dark Red with Royal Blue

lthough not all schools work to maintain a dress code, there are a lot of work. Hu also said not to wear certain clothes by their parents, many adolescents feel angry and is said by officials in the school. So you can take seriously until something happens that might raise your child and their records in the schools at risk. It is not uncommon to hear of cases where children drop out of ....more

Graceful Black Suit

You can make money as a fashion designer? Do you have a love for fashion? If I like your clothes or fashion accessories such as handbags, which include design, and have you ever thought about earning a living as a fashion designer? If it is a fashion designer, finds that many people dream of those who just isn? Are not .....more

Hot Pink Suit with Coridar Pajama

For example, if you are just starting out small, to see how your designs, you do not designer, but the maker will sell well. If you wish to hire for help, either directly or after your company did, you might as well. If you want to start a fashion design company, and you want to think about a site on the internet your. In fact, many fashion designers sell their...more

Hot Red Choridar Pajama

80s to attend the party: How can you familiarize yourself with 80s fashion Remember 80s? If you're an adult or a teenager, there is a good chance to do. While fond memories of raising a family or child a fun loving and can be the only thing that seems to remember that many of the fashion trends of the '80s. Popular 80s fashion trends....more

Hot Red with Golden

When it comes to 80s fashions, and there are many people who seem to remember the same thing. Though this well, a little '80s fashion and you can study more than just Partygoer average, you could be one that stands out is the courtesy or your choice of wardrobe. If you want to familiarize yourself with 80s fashion trends in the past, and will find a number of different options...more

Sleeve Less Shirt with Lose Shalwar

In the world of fashion 'Sleeve Less Shirt with Lose Shalwar and Banarasi Sari "is still India's' Sun' and the subject of inspiration and appreciation for all parts of the world connoisseurs costumes. Sleeve Less Shirt with Lose Shalwar workshops are proposed in an attempt to understand....... more

Sky Blue with Silver Embroidery 

When this punch card that is interwoven with Sky Blue with Silver Embroidery themes and different colors on the loom in accordance with the design that are paddled in a systematic way the main fabric color and pattern to the right to create and design and weaving well.During Select age of the Mongols......... more

Silver, Pink and White 
Creating an "Silver, Pink and White and artist Naksha Bata 'first draw on graph paper with color concepts. Now the models are different, but the most universal types Caixg (Kalka), Buti and flowers and foliage. There is a village theater, exhibitions, cloud, dancing and design of a monkey. As can be seen from the structure and design of the Silver, Pink and White. But it was from.......... more

Pink Silk Salwar Suit

During the past major improvements in Pink Silk Salwar Suit. I personally feel happy and I'm not expected to wear a corset. I think some Victorian design and the various pieces of Pink Silk Salwar Suit, but there are 300, like the buttons on the blouses and dresses. You must get up to the truth in the beginning of time for the button to have all. One of my Pet Peeves clothes and now peaks with a zipper. Have you.......... more

Black Choridar Pajama with Black Shirt

We are manufacturer n exporter of all types of Pakistan for women and men to wear. We do not have anything less than a full range of clothing of Pakistan, specially designed for your needs and taste. We eMarkaz sewing one of the best qualities of men and women proudly wearing....more

Dark Green with Purple Salwar

To deal with your teenager and the latest fashions. You are originally from a teenager? If you are, you probably already know that many teenagers want to look better, at least in a wise manner. For this reason, many children and young people to remain in the latest fashion tends to use. While this is a good thing in some respects, can lead to your teenager wearing....more

Golden with Red Comination

Do not wear white because it competes with the Golden with Red  comination. There are a lot of different colors. Do not wear black or sequins during the day. Do not worry about wearing the same colors and bridesmaids or mother. You can not coordinate with everyone in the wedding ceremony. Do not wear a dress ....... more

Dark Blue with Light Brown

Racing in Preppy plaid, tweed and tortuous is the latest Dark Blue with Light Brown craze this winter. If you remember your stuffy professor Tweed Blazers with leather elbow patches, and a great new menswear-inspired suits and jackets identifying appeared in every place. Plaid severe enough to cut with the figure of the Office ..... more

Light Brown with Linings

Design Jamawar Light Brown with Linings and shawls are unique. Similar to the beautiful designs Beazley, these intricately embroidered scarves in designs and decorative large Oriental in Kashmir in India. These shawls are extremely soft and uniquely woven. Jamawar shawl comes in degrees of colors and......... more

Jama War Shalwar Qameez

Jamawar shawls casting the value of the purity and craftsmanship calls the essence of the woman. These scarves fits perfect combination of absolute luxury. Been made in that meeting a variety of beautiful designs made of soft wool. Mystical and Jamawar shawls are known for their rich and elegant look......... more

Embroidered Cotton Salwar Kameez  

What are you looking for in the way women wear decorated? Is a powerful, humorous slogan what floats your boat? Or would you prefer to strike to pose in a simply decorated, namely the design of text - maybe something feminine, filigree and floral? If you're like most buyers in this niche, T-Shirts your wardrobe runs the gamut between.......more

Light Pink with Silver Lace

Dupion Silk Salwar Kameez is designed with the kind of glossy silk often woven from two different colors of the wires, so that the light to flash. This beautiful Salwar Kameez Dupion silk dress with an amazing mixture of shades of brown and beautiful embroidered motifs on the front panel. Salwar Kameez designs and .......... more

Creamy Brown with Orange Shalwar 

We want tattoos, but can not stand the idea that Creamy Brown with Orange Shalwar? Wearing one of a squadron of tattoo-inspired clothing this season. T-shirts to suits, sweating for shoes, press a new crop of clothing and appeared in a tattoo once only seen in men on a motorcycle. If you were adorned with hearts....... more

Banarsi Shalwar Qameez

From the streets of Soho in the Madison Avenue fashion of Banarsi Shalwar Qameez is to wear the latest fashion styles in all parts of the city this season. Are You Uptown Girl with the center sensitivities? Try a Banarsi Shalwar Qameez inspired t-shirt size without the pain of getting a tattoo is real. Comfort.... more

Yellow Antique with Choridar Pajama

About trousers Suit - Designer Salwar kameez made with white gold antique rust, yellow and brown stones of the design work on the neck. Dull ornaments of gold and rust-colored beads spread over the kameez gives it looks great. Outlined with lace neckline that is used to further summarize the sleeves. Dupata has a traditional....... more

Choridar Salwar Kameez

Choridar Salwar Kameez is the most popular traditional attire worn by women in India. It is called the Punjabi Suit or Salwar Suit also. This popular Indian dress evolved a comfortable and respectable garment for women in India, but now immensely popular in the world. There are many reasons wear Salwar Kameez because it is modest....... more

Redish Kameez wth Off White Capri (Trouser) 

Red churidar with many Chenderi Jacquard work on the network, especially a large group or party vent. This exclusive designer Indian Salwar kameez uranium from the wire-intensive and stones, sequins and embroidery work in any place. Conflicting mixture of heavy embroidered on the neck, ....... more

Gota Work with Choridar Pajama

Gotta work or Lappe Ka Kam is a familiar form of embroidery, metal, western India, especially Rajasthan. And embroidery, Jaipur, Bikaner, Ajmer, Kota and Udaipur are famous for their unique style of work Gotta. Gota work or Lappe Ka cam is also a form of decorative fabric which may be growth in the state of ......... more

Indian and Pakistani Shalwar Qameez 

Pakistan and India clothing clothing. Kurt can be worn with trousers (pants Kurta), pajamas, or even jeans. Top Indian jacket was published in America in 1960 and now in many stores. In Ulster, the Indian brief (Kurt) fits well with Indian and Western wear. Our imported hand-embroidered jacket ......more

Light Shalwar Qameez

Shalwar Qameez (Pants and clothing) in the lower part of the body, worn from the waist to the ankles and legs separately. These clothes are often referred to as the pants in countries such as Canada and South Africa and the United States be wide and loose, or they can be very narrow and made of pieces of cloth on the bias. In the latter case they are known as churidar. India, officially the Republic of India is a country in asia and it is very popular ... more

Embroided  Dupatta

The quality of the most appropriate for Embroided  Dupatta trousers physical comfort feelings. Indian Embroided  Dupatta is the physical movement easier and so smooth, and women generally feel more comfortable in women's clothing of this kind. Other crucial factor behind the choice of dress trousers, kurta is its flexibility. Party or social..... more

Simple Shalwar Qameez

Pants pantsuit are also consistent with this simple white Shalwar Qameez. This was introduced in the 1920s. Pantsuit with folds and create a look elegant and space to move, in order to achieve the effect of slimming pants selection - Flat front. The pair of pants that do not have a slap stretch the legs, while the Shalwar cuff look...... more

Pakistani Salwar Qameeez

Costs for women very famous all over the world. Shalwar kameez designers use the best materials and design to create modern and attractive fashion to wear. Bargello has decided to help by keeping you from making the trek to the never ending clothes to wear. Yes, it's got to be right! With Bargello Women.....more

Latest Bridal Dresses

Newest collection of the latest Room Bridal Dresses. It contains a large collection of very nice Latest Bridal Dresses with Pakistani Girls Dresses, Indian Girls Dresses, Dresses Bridal Room, Jewellary designs, Girls Skin Care and Beauty. Bridal Room outfit themselves with embossed cloth with hand embroidered choline and beautiful falled sharara. It also comes with combinition bridal hand purse. The dupatta has cutwork runs through the.......more

Indian Styles

Fashion Salwar Kameez from India is very famous. Many women find attractive. Craftsmanship appears that the main reason. It is a form that  an be worn anywhere, or weddings, parties, and participation, funerals and religious ceremonies, and at work, shopping and so on, regardless of the many exhibitions in different places......more

Traditional Salwar kameez

Traditional Indian pants pants cover - were on their feet, lying at the waist with a number of tapered to the ankle. Kameez - worn on the sleeves and trousers at the wrist, cuts on the sides, and a group of oranges with buttons in front. Kameez and trousers with Dupatta or chunni or odini. Salwar Qameez occupies a special place in the Indian subcontinent. Which is the traditional dress very essence of today's .....more

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