Classical Tips of Makeup and Hair

Makeup & Hair Tips

Many people spend much time fixing their make-up, so it is just right, but the importance of their hair, or vice versa. The face and hair are generally the first two things people will notice first. For this reason, you ensure that your make-up and hair, are complementary.

As you will see in the Make Up And Hair tips below you can reach film results with ease.

The nice thing about Carmen's Make Up And Hair Tips is that they can be reached by everyone.

The best of everything, even though it seems like they Hour after hour ready for a great atmosphere, Carmen look is actually very little maintenance. If this look is what you want to sacrifice, then the goal is to draw attention to the lips and eyes.

For eyes, you will apply a medium brown eye shadow on the lid, followed by a deep chocolate brown in the crease.

We will start with the beautiful Carmen Electra. She has a natural yet glamorous look that most women would do anything to have. Carmen is the type of woman who walks into a room and everyone notices. Part of this is caused by its luxury hair, some of her beautiful body, and because some of her face and make-up they choose.

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First, you would start with a clean skin, followed by a good Moisturizer. Next apply concealer in the corners of your eyes and if you have dark circles under the eyes, also. Creating a base for eye shadow, you will also apply a small amount of concealer to the lid. Next, choose a light, sheer foundation or tinted Moisturizer. Now, a little pressed powder, choosing a color that matches the color of the foundation. To finish the base, use a peach or pink colored blush, applying only to the apples of the cheeks.

A mixture of these two colors and then add a shadow to the naked brow bone to help brighten the eyes. Brown or black eyeliner creates drama and a small amount of powder brushed over the eyelid will finish the look. Finally, Carmen uses a faint peach or pink liner conferences and then a lighter shade of gloss.

We can no longer accept the myth that "Some women are just naturally beautiful ... and you're just not", or simply "too old to be sexy anymore." You do not have to live with the uncertainty and embarrassment at not living up to other women's beauty.

 The film star is really about how to synchronize all aspects of your look, from hair to makeup to your natural features. With the knowledge and techniques of Hollywood beauty specialist and fashion experts such as the Get Gorgeous Now! team, all women see as a star without the expensive surgery and beauty treatments.

For our next make-up and its tip, we will look at the ever beautiful Angelina Jolie. Regarded as one of the most beautiful women in the world, its view can be copied. First, Angelina's hair is healthy hair should look like. She uses only the best products such as shampoo and clarify-in conditioners. Or will her hair in soft curls or pulled back in a tight ponytail, her hair is beautiful and sensual.

For Angelina's make-up, she has a very natural look that is unparalleled. For the face, would you opt for neutral colors, applied to your entire face except the eyes. However, before make-up of any kind, you want to use a good Moisturizer. Then, the foundation is applied in a satin or matte form.

Then the mixture in a make-up. Then you will see a concealer under the eyes, adding a little on your eyelids. With a large powder brush, loose powder is applied over the entire face, including the eyes, which helps to make up. Now, a puff or sponge used to apply powder around the eyes, which will help the eyeliner stay in place longer. For blush, peach or pink tones are used, which applies only to the apples of the cheek.

To recreate Angelina's sensual eyes, a pearl white, neutral taupe is applied to the eyelid. Then, a nude eye shadow added to the fold and mixed light. To enhance the eyes, a medium brown color is added to the fold, going from one corner of the eye to the other. Again, a nude shade of application is light, but this time on the brow bone.

Choose black or blue pencil liner conferences, starting in the inner corner and working toward the outside corner. For the brows, choose a shade of pencil but a shadow darker than your hair color. The arc must be exactly right so take your time in determining the shape. Your eyelashes are curled and extending mascara applied. Finally, nude or pink lipstick or gloss should be applied to create a soft, sensual look.
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