Silk Shirt and Pajama

I initially opted for the red wedding dress and this is the traditional color for brides Sikh (my husband is a Sikh), but after that I always dreamed my wedding would be from an early age - I've always thought that I would marry in the traditional white, and thus the reason I was skeptical at first whether the red dress suit me - all I can say is a red dress was a complete success, and was so much better than wearing a white robe . Also started looking at the difference between red and white dresses and methods that try to appropriate to me - I always chose red on white, but can not quite find the "dress" in red. I finally persuaded my mother that a teacher / artist / seamstress / tailor (almost everything you need to be) taking on the daunting task of creating the perfect dress for me, when I saw the finished product, and I was gobsmacked and totally in love with her.

Sikh brides in traditional wear too many clothes embelished (usually in red and gold), and usually are not corseted wedding dresses white (what you want) - even if we have a mix of Western and Indian guests saw me coming down the aisle in a red and silver corseted wedding dress, and everyone was very surprised complimentative dress - even friends, spouses / partners commented on the dress, which is not usually the case. My husband does not believe his eyes, and especially the fact that his mother had made from scratch! Since the marriage, and all my friends have tried for the Commission and my mother to make clothes - so I think I have something to say! And even some of them said they would definitely consider getting married in red!

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