Christmas Party Wear

Figure. Whatever you feel about this situation, office parties are a vital part of the biosphere. I think that Sunday afternoon visit to her grandmother, even if you do not feel, you should probably go.

atmosphere and the opportunity to interact with new people. Great things to escalate career.

Therefore, first make sure that you go. A good opportunity for your efforts to meet the employers in an informal

Decide what you wear.

Find out what everyone wears in the Party and the consistent tone of your outfit:

          * If you have, and smart casual clothes you immediately on the back foot and the evening is all very comfortable and even if you have opened an easy target for ridicule. The same applies vice versa.

          * If you are a woman, to find a compromise between the "I am beautiful and sexy" and "Take me seriously, I'm a professional. Revealing clothes, but the pleasure is not eligible for the authorities.

Mingle. Make sure that all your employees recognition, and your own leaders and their allies, and you'll be in a good position. To talk to him about issues, but positive and complimentary. But do not be afraid to talk to them about things not related to work, such as cinema, football, or dogs. Even if someone you do not like Steve from accounting, and better to have a short conversation with them, and remember that smile of victory.

Time. This is a service of the party, not a nightclub. Until you reach the 'fashionably late "is not an option. In addition, to reach in time gives you the opportunity to say hello to all, and it is too early, without appearing rude.

Drink responsibly. Drink, drink, and drink. If there is one thing that could undermine the reputation of putting his hand on the drink. It is important that you get to drinking water does not seem difficult, but the courts carefully tone. Under no circumstances must you hammer your boss and tell him: You or anyone else in this matter. You have more, the more chances you have to do something you regret. However, if the leading names from the upper side, and you find it fun, and I was your hair. But one should know its limits.

Romance. It's that time of year. If you have a flat tire, and Jean-Office of Human Resources found, you may be tempted to bypass.

This can go in any case. I remember, you need this person to work on Monday. I thought: Do you really fancy them? Is it like me? How much to drink? I regret this morning? This is the reality check. If you are still investigating the fact, and under no circumstances must move. However, if you have strong feelings for this man, this could be the opportunity you have been waiting for. But to be confidential. Your colleagues will gossip when they see something happen. On the other hand, I hit you - even your boss. If this is undesirable, to be tactful. I do not want to damage relations with your colleagues, so as to allow them gently. Does not lead to all this because I was drunk, and I feel it. This is the sole cause of the problems on Monday, especially if they love you more than you want them.

If you're after the upgrade, is a great opportunity. The corner of your boss at work, put the idea that you are talking about increasing productivity and promoting new customers. But remember that it was his boss, keep it casual and humble. He did not pay the nose brown.

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