Dark Blue with Light Brown

Racing in Preppy plaid, tweed and tortuous is the latest fashion craze this winter. If you remember your stuffy professor Tweed Blazers with leather elbow patches, and a great new menswear-inspired suits and jackets identifying appeared in every place. Plaid severe enough to cut with the figure of the Office of the temptation to look more feminine. Plaid, tweed, weaving dangerously in the style of this season. Wear trousers, a large meandering, presented in the Chanel tweed, or plaid jacket. This fashion forward after the traditional classic fabrics are ideal for warm while you cool.

Sofia Coppola's new film Marie Antoinette is a tribute to the style of the Queen's famous dictum: "Let them eat cake." Coppola sets the stage to 80 in the soundtrack, which by the way is complete, because 80 of the current renaissance in the fashion and music. The consumption of 80 in the vicinity of the richness of the repressive period of the French Revolution. Is a reinterpretation of the designers on the latest fashion styles in Thule, organza, taffeta and lace luxury. Manolo Blahnik for a line of shoes inspired by the era clothes and feet of the actors in the film. The style is all about luxury female. Frills, bows, lace, tulle and creating a clean clothing suitable for a queen.

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