Silver - Pink and White

Creating an "artist Naksha Bata 'first draw on graph paper with color concepts. Now the models are different, but the most universal types Caixg (Kalka), Buti and flowers and foliage. There is a village theater, exhibitions, cloud, dancing and design of a monkey. As can be seen from the structure and design of the mosque. But it was from experience that the issue in a grave yard there was a valid bridal design "too. This was the functional aspect of art not far from the people the life cycle. In one days can see that modern technology has come in, but it lacks to be valued. Traditional folk still call for the design of a Banarasi Sari.

Once and then selected by a small punch cards are created that is evidence of a specific color of the wire is to run through the card at any time. Haquim Ali and say one to one small and one requires the design of hundreds of perforated cards to implement concept.At loom weaves the work of three men, one, a paint and other activities of the Revolving lacchis creation. At this important time another process is started. This is the design of decorations. There are many traditional artistis available in Varanasi, which may not be trained, but may require designs to Surrey.

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