Sky Blue with Silver Embroidery

When this punch card that is interwoven with themes and different colors on the loom in accordance with the design that are paddled in a systematic way the main fabric color and pattern to the right to create and design and weaving well.During Select age of the Mongols and the raw materials used in a silk from China, is now replaced by the Bangalore side in raising silkworms and industry unique. And softness of silk Daeonir measured quality ranges 16-18 to 20-22 Danning Danning. Continues to this day silk Hu power loom in great demand, which comes from Nepal. Cotton Resham Cabinet also come from Surat, which is still the cotton belt in the past centuries.

Banarasi Sarees In recent years we have used designs with gold and silver thread used in the original industry and to take one years to a valid. However, these sarees make several lakhs Weaver. But everything depends on the dilemma of design and style, Sari normal journey takes around 15 days to 1 months and will continue through 6 months in isolation.

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