Dress to Impress

Dress to Impress

How should a man dress to impress? First, always wear clothes that match the occasion. Second always a good outfit together.

If you have trouble deciding on what to wear, it is always better dressed than under dressed on. You would not want to see in casual wear for dinner at an expensive restaurant with a woman, dressed to kill. A man should always dress to meet the occasion or situation.

Regardless of where you are with a woman, you should always wear clean, well-maintained clothes. Believe it or not, women prefer clothes that are well kept and clean clothes to those worn or dirty! That may seem obvious to you, but it is important to remember. By taking care of how you look at it, and to see what style, show your wife that you really care about your presentation - and women notice!

Always ... Look Your Best! You should always take the time to look your best when you go. You never know when you have the opportunity to meet a beautiful, beautiful woman - the supermarket, laundry service, or coffee shop.

 Be sure to focus the whole outfit. It is worth the extra money to buy himself some nice clothes to wear out. And do not forget about the shoes or boots, a new band and a beautiful watch. Accessories make a big difference. If you wear a good outfit together-you look sharp and portray more confidence.

The way you dress actually will change how you behave. Think about it-if you wore a clown costume all day, you would feel silly and Goofy. So if you want to have more sex appeal, wear something that makes you feel sexy. Women will respond to the image you project. Find out what image you portray now and then the necessary changes in your wardrobe to attain your desired image. Whatever the image you want to make sure women to act the part. You must have the behavior that attributes to your overall personal image - physical gestures, eye contact. Use your clothes to highlight your desired image.

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