Fashin with Bangles

Bracelets, Bangles and traditions

Bracelets, traditional Indian costumes, fashion jewelry, is now becoming popular in the West, too. Bracelets link to many beliefs, customs and traditions in India, Pakistan and many African and other tribal communities around the world. Even the Egyptians are known to have worn.

The traditional Indian woman bears Bangles from her early youth. For children Bangles are usually made of plastic or acrylic with vibrant colors to add to their innocence and playfulness. Women wearing glass Bangle may be a sign of grace. It takes a lot of grace and delicate movement in daily activities to Bangles glass from breaking.

A Hindu woman wearing a "Thilak 'in her forehead and glass Bangles are an indication that she is married and her husband is still alive.

Bangle Indian traditions
silver banglesBangle are a sign of feminist grace period in India, many Indian literatures epitomizing this ornament as the queen of female grace. The sounding of Bangles has an unintended musical note that is charming and really hear music.

This was kind of a notice to the other men treat her with respect and brotherly love. Unmarried women wore Bangles but also carefully avoided the "Thilak 'on their forehead. Widows are not allowed to wear glass Bangles, she can wear Bangles made of metals like silver Bangles.

For the married woman who is pregnant, a 'Bangle ceremony' is run in the 7th month of pregnancy. The pregnant woman gets Bangles as gifts from friends and relatives and made to bear a large part of this glass Bangles. This is probably to keep it all rapid movements during the later stages of pregnancy, as a protection for the mother and child.

The Indian wedding ceremonies are marked by the bride is colorful red and white cap Bangles Bangles symbolizes energy and make a new beginning, respectively. costume afraid lest meanings here are associated with different colors including, green symbolizes prosperity and abundance, yellow for brightness and happiness, blue or peace and tranquility. There are many promising Bangle in meaning associated with the traditional Indian beliefs and customs.

Bangles are so much a part of Indian tradition that it is almost considered not adverse to adorn their arms with a.

Bangle African Traditions

Among the African tribes, cattle are a symbol of prosperity and wealth. African tribes wore beautifully carved Bangles made from cow horns as a symbol of wealth and success. No cows are slain in the making, because they only used discarded horns to expertly made Bangles.

Chinese Bangles wear as a symbol of sustainability. Egyptians known to have worn as a symbol of wealth.

Across nations and in many cultures, Bangles are traditionally worn as an article of jewelry. A tradition that continues into the modern world, where many young women and even pop singers and actresses of this ornament to embellish their weapons.
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