Sleeveless Redish Shirt With Emproided Shalwar

In terms of pants, churidar include basic patterns, Patiala Salwar, Pathani pants, straight pants and bell bottoms. The patterns of the past two kameez is a bit shorter in duration, and go above the knees. Back to churidar, it is a tight fit trousers, which contains buttons, cuff at the ankle and is located in the folds at the end (looks like a set of bracelets of comfort in the ankle). Then you have the pants Patiala, who has a regular and much glare. And curtains in the form of a slim, even the folds of his hip to ankle

Sleeveless Redish Shirt
Redish Emproided Shalwar

Shorts Patani, as the name suggests has assumed salware carried 'Patton' (a class of Muslims). It is loose in the upper part, but narrower as it reaches to the ankles. Apart from this, not the panties can also be adapted to the shape of straight trousers and bell bottoms. While churidar, trousers and pants Patiala Pathani sorting out elements of traditional Indian clothing, and the style of trousers, bell bottoms and right due to the increasing influence of Western cultures, for this country.

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