Classical Shalwar Qameez

Shalwar Qameez

Salwar Qameez occupies a special place in the Indian subcontinent. Which is the traditional dress very essence of today's India is always more to the base. To ensure the quality of elegance and comfort, is the greatest weapon. Thus, it becomes imperative for the Indian component of any woman's wardrobe.

Interesting fact about the Salwar Kameez is the fact that it develops over time. Its popularity has exceeded the borders of India and gained momentum in the elite women in the West. With regard to traditional patterns and fabrics, and in turn, avatars, and the great day has come available in different styles and materials that will satisfy any taste.

Traditional Salwar kameez

Traditional Indian pants pants cover - were on their feet, lying at the waist with a number of tapered to the ankle. Kameez - worn on the sleeves and trousers at the wrist, cuts on the sides, and a group of oranges with buttons in front. Kameez and trousers with Dupatta or chunni or odini.

Churidar Salwar suit
Churidar Salwar suit very well known now. This popular version today. This style is very similar to traditional Salwar Kameez, pant, but with a difference. In this case, tight pants load on your knees and ankles. It's more to play with long legs, so it looks good on tall women.

Designer Salwar Kameez
Today, many women have with their creative team. Depends on their ideas about design, style and neck, sleeves and other, and they want the implementation of the fashion process. Invited, such as fashion designer Salwar Kameez, which is the creation of individual minds. Today, they are very high fashion.

Patiala salwar pants
Patiala suit is a copy of a very popular kameez trousers with the same three parts. The difference lies in the cut and style of traditional costume. Athletic shorts in the style several times, and too broad. Is often embroidered along the leg or ankle. Kameez is shorter than in traditional dress, from the middle of the thigh above the knee.

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