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Beautiful Bare Feet

It is time for all our little toes to shine! Summertime is for each girl busts her sandals and shows pride in its new pedicured toes. But how do we keep our feet looking pretty healthy and sun-kissed? We have a few tips from Manhattan chiropodist of NYC Foot Care, Dr. Oliver Zong, to ensure that the most beautiful feet on the beach!

General suggestions:
* Do not go barefoot in the park - or anywhere else for that matter. If enclosed shoes are uncomfortable, try Flip-Flops.
* Apply sunscreen to your feet (especially the tops and between the toes) 20-30 minutes before you outdoors.
* Even if your feet are on display during the summer months, do not use nail polish every day and not use discolored nails - this could indicate the presence of an infection.

If you already run or walk at the end of the day by massaging your feet.

soaking in warm water and keep it elevated for 10 minutes to the stress on your circulatory system. If you really want to spoil yourself, apply some vitamin E cream that is stored in the refrigerator.

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To ensure that your feet Fungus Free (yuck!):
* Keep your feet dry and clean. Apply a topical antifungal medication on any cracking or peeling of the skin.
* Wear socks made of an acrylic fiber, not cotton (acrylic wicks moisture away from the feet), and change your socks at

least once per day.
* Cover your feet with antiperspirants. The active ingredient, aluminum hydroxide, keeps your feet from sweating.
* Not wearing the same shoes per day. Shoes need about 24 hours to completely dry out the last time they were worn.
* Only the sharing of towels to the development of athlete's foot and other diseases that can be easily disseminated.

Take special care of your feet:
* Baby your feet - soaking and massages your feet in the summer will also help them happy.
* If you can afford to splurge, a pedicure by a reputable specialist is a treat for your feet.
* Massage sandals help rejuvenate your feet and legs, and help you step into the comfort of this summer and beyond.
* Take special care of toenails, which are particularly vulnerable around damp areas. Damage to the nail bed may be

more prone to infection so see your chiropodist at the first sign of discoloration or infection.
* When in the ocean, be cautious of jellyfish that often bite at feet and ankles and sharp coral that can reduce the bottom of the feet. Keeping sandals or water shoes on at all times is a good idea to prevent Sting, lacerations and other injuries.

Even if your sandals are cute, they are not worth as much as they give you blisters! Make sure you wear suitable shoes for the occasion, and they fit - even if you think you have big feet, it's not worth it to try and squeeze them into a shoe that is smaller than what they need. If you have a blister of those trendy sandals, not to pop it! The blister and the fluid inside act as natural, sterile dressings for the wound. Apply a protective strip (Band-Aid) to protect the wound.
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