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Sleeveless Redish Shirt with Emproided Shalwar

In terms of pants, churidar include basic patterns, Patiala Salwar, Pathani pants, straight pants and bell bottoms. The patterns of the past two kameez is a bit shorter in duration, and go above the knees. Back to churidar, it is a tight fit trousers, which contains buttons, cuff at the ankle........... more

Yellow Embroided Kameez With Plain Pajama

Wedding Salwar kameez makes use of rich materials, which help to give a look to the owner of the beautiful lady. In this context, the satin is a popular choice, given the wide variety of colors and has a luxurious sheen. Then you have silk, tissue, crepe, which consists of all popular......... more

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Fassion and Style with Watches

The history of watches is
something that we rarely or
never think. We take our modern
time keeping for granted as we
have clocks on our walls, our
mobile phones, our cars, and on
our wrists. But where I come
watch? How did the people love
the time before the current
convenience items came about?

Read on for some interesting facts about the history of watches and to find out why we should be grateful we do not live way back when!....... more

Bridal Jewellery

How to select Pakistani and
Indian Bridal Jewelry Room?
Woman Fassion and latest
Collection of How  select Pakistani
and Indian Bridal Jewelry Room?.
It contains a large collection of  very
nice How select Pakistani  Bridal
Jewelry Room? together with the Pakistani Girls Dresses, Indian Girls Dresses, Dresses Bridal Room, Jewellary designs,  Girls Skin Care
and Beauty.....more

Art and History of Fassions

In general fassions from the ancient Greek and Roman periods and before were simple, as clothing expressed practical function over stylistic form. Overall, woman's clothing loose and flowing, never tight-fitting. Tunics, often covered with layers of draped fabric, were worn by both men and woman. The most basic garment for woman of ancient Greece, for example, was the "Doric peplos," jointly by the beginning of the sixth century BC Made from a rectangle of woven wool, the Doric peplos measured about six meters wide and about eighteen centimeters longer than the height of the medium only to shoulder length. The substance was on the carrier, with the excess material folded over the top and fastened on both shoulders. The excess material was allowed to fall freely, giving the impression of a short cape. Pins used for fastening the shoulders of the peplos were originally open pins with decorated heads, but they were later replaced by fibulae or brooches.  Substances were ordinary and for the most part unadorned. This was the general rule in the Western world. Especially during the Archaic period, clothing was usually white or off-white, and theordinary...............more

Shalwar Qameez

Salwar Qameez occupies a special place in the Indian subcontinent. Which is the traditional dress very essence of today's India is always more to the base. To ensure the quality of elegance and comfort, is the greatest weapon. Thus, it becomes imperative for the Indian component of any woman's wardrobe. Interesting fact about the Salwar Kameez is the fact that it develops over time. Its popularity has exceeded the borders of India and gained momentum in the elite woman in the West. With regard to traditional patterns and fabrics, and in turn, avatars, and the great day has come available in different styles and materials that will satisfy any taste. Traditional Indian pants pants cover - were on their feet, lying at the waist with a number of tapered to the ankle. Kameez - worn on the sleeves and trousers at the wrist, cuts on the sides, and a group of oranges with buttons in front. Kameez and trousers with Dupatta or chunni or odini..........many more

Indian Sharara

Very popular in the spark with a new generation of age. The magic of these wonderful
clothes look the carrier. This amazing dress, which was installed on the knees and
knees with a big flash, a full skirt will look like the symbol of dignity and pride. Sharara
was originally a Muslim garment, but it has achieved popularity among Indian woman
as well. This garment represents one of the richest patterns of art.Sharara is rich
tissue such as crepe, satin, Chiffon, Georgette and Silk. If you have an amazing look,
woman can easily choose sharara if it is available in the market with the trendy style.
You can also buy some of the latest designer wear highly decorated sharara perfectly
suits your needs. Sharara easily be picked as per occasion, sharara for weddings,
sharara choline party wear, sharara formal clothing and much more. The design of
sharara dress is an art and it requires a good mind to come up with the latest ideas
and techniques. This dress is available in different colors and styles. At a wedding or
party wear brightly colored outfits can say for example red, blue or saffron. For a formal
occasion, you can opt for light colored clothing...............more

Fasssion and Style with Watches

The history of watches is something that we rarely or never think. We take our modern time keeping for granted as we have clocks on our walls, our mobile phones, our cars, and on our wrists........more

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