Styles with Lehnga

Styles with Lehnga

A lehenga (or lehnga) is a three-piece combination of blouse (choline), single-long skirt and long scarf (dupatta). It is also known as choline ghagra or lehnga choline. Like Saree blouse, the choline in many parts, colors and styles. But because choline is more exposed than Saree blouse, it must match the lehenga and is mostly rich embroidered.

Lehenga pros at a glance:

      * Sensual
      * Practical because prestitched
      * Strengthen silhouette
      * Different styles available

Lehenga Variations

Like the sari, the lehenga offers women many options as far as material, color combinations, embroidery and choline and dupatta style.

  * Fabric: cotton, georgette, silk, silk
     georgette, silk jersey, tulle, and
     many others.
 * Colors: all colors of the rainbow
     with smart skirt, blouse, scarf color
 * Embroidery: crystal, SEQUIN, G√łta,
    jewel encrusted, with or without a

                  Hip Hop Fashion

Women lehengas wear at parties and festive occasions, not at the office or at a formal event, which would call for a sari or a salwar kameez festive. Lehengas are ideal if more traffic or the safety of a garment prestitched wanted - a dance party, for example - although many Indian bride has demonstrated how one can gracefully dancing in a sari.

    * Choli: sleeveless with spaghetti straps, with sleeves, back and neck less with different solutions.
    * Dupatta: wide, narrow shawl-like, matching the lehenga or skirt in a contrasting color.

There is no other country in the world except India, where bridal dresses be so important. Also marriage is regarded as the main event. Indian bridal dresses are seen as the most attractive and most colorful in the world.
The most worn dresses in India are red dresses. Red means happiness, which the bride lives after marriage. Red is the traditional color and normal. But with changing times, many things have changed. Today many Indian brides wearing different color dresses on their wedding, for example, pink, orange, maroon etc. Even if previously sari was the only dress worn by brides, today another option is to come know lehenga choline. It looks as beautiful as bridal sarees.
Indian brides entire focus is to decorate it to the end of their marriage because it is the only occasion when they can meet all their dreams they see in a long time back. Indian bridal dresses are exclusive of all. Bridal Room Lehngas in large tree and are now much better. They are very catchy and bride shine on weddings. All eyes look to her surprise by looking at her beauty.
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