Silk is a god of the tissues. Saree is made of silk exudes elegance, whether Choli, Saree lehenga or other clothing. Silk force in anger for centuries and always will be. Weddings It is also a high degree of wear. The best part is that of natural silk fabric. Saree can actually be worn on all occasions, formal or informal. It gives pleasure and also give the number of perfection.

Comfort is provided by the outside comparison.Silk ideal for all types of weather. Tact and thus applicable in all aspects of silk makes it selectively. It is worn with a minimum of effort. Fabric with many qualities must be maintained with great care. In this article you will learn how to take care of the relevant side, so they can always keep charm.......more

History of Saree

Earlier, Hindu women's clothes were not sewn as piercing needles clothing is considered an act of desecration of the Hindus. This is a time when the jumpers were introduced. Since then, many new methods have been tested in force and effect of age. Some elements of the Indian fashion, such as shirts and skirts, there are still key elements to complete the look in force. Sara dress is ideal for allocation curve beautiful Indian women, and used by women to enhance their beauty since time immemorial. And you can wear in force in seduction techniques, ranging from nine yards sari worn in ancient times by 6 meters, and the superiority in numbers in Bollywood today. Traditional Sarees come in fantastic designs. Kanchipuram Sarees is rich in traditional bright colors is still a hot favorite of many brides in South India. India, which has a rich collection of saris, which are produced in several countries. You can also choose from a variety of cotton saris, Georgette saris, printed on colored silk bandhanis......more

What is Saree

Join Sarah as old as the Indus Valley, back in the era of 2800-1800 BC,
where women in all parts of India and the sub-continent wore Surrey.
However, some historians argue that men and women wore a dhoti or
Lungi (Mundu) at one time, but the styles of women's clothing is slowly
changing with the influence of Hinduism and other normal changes. With
all these differences exist, and can agree that women in India, were in
Surrey for a very long time, long before Europe from the Dark Ages. And
Sarah (also known as sattika or a valid and legitimate) are now India,
Bangladesh and Sri Lanka, Pakistan and other countries near India.
Overtime, and many of the active role in society have developed slowly,
and the values of society have changed. In Pakistan, the popular Sarah
suffered and are now slowly dying in Pakistan after independence from
India, and is seen as influenced by Sarah Hindus in their homeland. Other
countries such as Afghanistan can be used to force an early age, and
perhaps even in the Aryan invasion of the Indus valley, but took the dress
in something unique.................more

Sarees in India

Benarasi silk saris and a barrage of Varanasi, also known as Banaras, or Benaras. It is located in Uttar Pradesh in the West bank of the river Ganges, and is considered one of the oldest inhabited city in the world. Silk used for Sarris historically been imported from China, but modern saris made of silk imported from Bangalore, India.

Many of the early Buddhist texts mention the Millennium Benaras tissue, and to instruct that Benaras was a center for weaving fine of not less than two thousand years. In the past few centuries, the weavers of Benaras and the overwhelming majority of Muslims who belong to the community Julaha. Some of the weavers were able to trace their origins to 990 AD. Benarasi silk saris and reached the peak of its glory during the reign of the Mongols in the 1600's. During this time, and traditional motifs Sarah underwent a process of restructuring and the Indians and Persians together........more

Banarsi Saree

Banarsi silk saris are usually made in four categories: natural silk (cotton),
organdy (Kura), Georgette force and intelligently in force. Traditional brocade
designs include Jasmine (Chameli), A. Emerald (Panna nightingale), Marigold
(Genda Butti), betel leaves (Paan Butti), and diagonal band (tircha) and the
angle with mango floral motif (Cunha). Originally Sarris was decorated with
the flow of real gold and silver for use in the royal family. In our time, it was
replaced by gold, silver and colored thread, and do Sarris in the public domain.
Historically, three people were needed to make a valid use of electric

Sun artisans to weave silk, dyes, and one of silk, and the third
power is exercised by the gang to create packages of silk. And the motives
drawn on graph paper plan of punched cards, which will be used as evidence
for the flow in the process of knitting. It takes 15 days to six months to create
a force, depending on how the design and complex. Sarris, and when he
made specially for the kings, and held for one year on the case....more

Modern Saree

By or Sarah is the most respected clothing worn by women in India. Although the exact date of the Indian sari is not known, according to researchers its origin from 3000 BC in the Indus Valley Civilization. The word 'Action' has its origin from the Sanskrit word 'Chira meaning' cloth. Sarees more clothes for most women in this regard and that it has stood the test of time. Despite the popularity of western clothing, such salwars and churidars, force still has a place of their own. At the time of the Indus Valley Civilization, and women priests wore a piece of cloth wrapped in the form of Surrey. Forces to separate the two legs seemed trousers in those days. The forces were thus usually the temple dancers, too, because it helps to improve movement, dancing with helping them to maintain humility. It is believed that the old Indian dhoti dress' is the basis for the Force. Men and women together until the 14 th century wore dhoti. By date Sarees, which were wrapped in a sensual as evidenced by the many statues of the gods, made in the beginning of time. Sarah was installed at the waist and covered his legs and went down as a decorative curtain in front of the legs. In the upper part of the body was partially covered or left bare in ancient times. In Kerala, the state in southern India, Sarees and still the traditional two-piece...........more

Madrasi Saree (History)

What is true? Technically, this is very, very long piece of cloth of silk or cotton
cloth (sometimes used for other issues of cost-effectiveness), Manual of
tailor each with a unique model or subject. Essentially, all of Surrey different,
designed from the very first product stream. Zardozi or Zari work uses
methods with fancy gold or silver threads, which can sometimes be mixed
with precious stones and jewelry. Effect of low-cost are those that are done
with vegetable dyes are printed on the fabric. Furthermore, especially in
modern times, saris are made using cheap polyester, nylon, rayon and no
manual, but progress in some factories. Nonwoven manually group
consistently showed greater durability, quality, design and beauty because
the manufacturer has invested a lot of time in the creation of Surrey. In the
early history of Surrey, as is the case with any clothes, and there were various
styles and forms to be valid. At present, due to improved transport, as well
as the influence of media and entertainment, and faster information
systems, and most of the methods compiled a way to give a picture more
visible and famous Indian. Curtain Nivi (a variety of style itself) is the most
popular, where women Sarah wrapped ..............more

Classical Sarees

Outfits of Indian origin, which symbolizes the purity of nature and represents a rich tradition in India - in force. Despite the Western influence in the fashion industry working for ethnic and traditional touch to any Indian costume was still alive. Today, the Indian market and there are different types of traditional saris side by side with a piece blouse with heavy embroidery. Free-hanging end, and Palo, and besides, they can be decorated punkra or work punchra, in any part of the meat is removed, and that distorts the models of complex situations, and sometimes decorated with beads and precious stones. Sarees have left an indelible impression throughout the world, and its value seems to increase even among the younger generation, can be equally valid to take a particular role, and fashion. Here, women wear saris in the model is unique because it is a very confusing fashion. And folds, Surrey, rather than on the front and the rear of the fan. Pallav covers the chest and brought over the right shoulder. Shorter women should buy the existing border with little or no borders. They certainly should avoid big borders as the borders is more than one ...............more

Traditional Sarees

Saree weavers came from Andhra Pradesh and weaving skills flourished
under the patronage of Krishna Deva Raya. Silk clothing was considered
private property and religious ceremonies and marriage. Kanchipuram silk
saris are produced with a high level of skills in the field of textiles Sarris
best materials. Double twin pack will complement the rich texture. Silk
yarn and gold fell to liquid gold and silver in the stadiums. And adds to the
appeal and value of Sarris that makes it one of the most popular wedding,
wedding saris for women. Kanchipuram Saris, also known as Kancheevaram
or Kanchivaram in force. And Saree has a rich history and has many identities.
Depending on the area in Saree, which will determine the composition and
form. In virtually every region or state, in India there is a valid claim for its
diversity, beautiful in its own way. India State and the northeastern state of
Assam is known for it's gold colored silk, which is used to weave some of
the most beautiful sari, unique and lasting peace. The process to make
these saris is a complex process and requires manual........more

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