Gota Work with Choridar Pajama

Gota Work with Choridar Pajama

Gotta work or Lappe Ka Kam is a familiar form of embroidery, metal, western India, especially Rajasthan. And embroidery, Jaipur, Bikaner, Ajmer, Kota and Udaipur are famous for their unique style of work Gotta. Gota work or Lappe Ka cam is also a form of decorative fabric which may be growth in the state of Rajasthan. It is also known Jutta - Kinari work and Lappe - cam minutes. In the social and religious occasions and holidays, and men and women and children in their finest clothes

Gota Work with
Choridar Pajama

Depending on the show, or work Jutta Lappe Ka Cam can be found under various names such as chaumasiya and athmasiya. Principe, Jutta is a band of gold or silver ribbon, which varies with the width, woven in silk weaving. Badla or spinning metal is made of gold or silver became a flesh and silk or cotton, used in the warp. Jutta work or Lappe Ka cam working on a technical fabric with appliqué. His work with small and simple sewing, modern design stems from the fingers to the artisans' s clothing. Impressed by the design elements, such as flowers, leaves, mango motifs and stylized forms in the heart and usually work on different types odhna and ghaghras. Chess patterns, as the favorite in Rajasthan. Number of animals such as parrots, peacocks, elephants and some decorative elements used in the work of the People's or gutta-Lappe Ka cam. Also varied, are pieces of gutta-embroidered flowers and cloth themselves. Some parts of the pattern are filled with colored silk, which led to the design of a rich polished jewelry in the region. Men and women from all communities work clothes or gutta Lappe Ka Kam, wear as convenient and indispensable on ceremonial occasions.

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