Orange with Golden

There are several methods available in the kameez trousers, and some are related to a T-shirt only, while others focus mainly on the pants. Patterns kameez popular a simple process, Angrakha style, Anarkali style, A-line, as the style Kurta. The style I kameez made by the standardization body, making it suitable as soon as possible, while for ease of movement. Angrakha and a style that is copied from the musicians in the royal court. It is one side of the shirt and overlap with others, in the side.

Orange Kameez
with Golden

Anarkali style Alsilwar only for the installation of the body to the waist and from there, is cut in such a way that a lot of glow, almost like a skirt. It is somewhat similar to the dress worn by Kathak dancers. The Kurta A-line, as the name suggests too, and takes the form of A and fitted at the top and is suitable to it, increases the length of the shirt. In Kurta style kameez, install a little loose, and there is also marketed. Widely worn by women of this generation.

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