Weeding Designs

Weeding Designs

A wedding in India, Pakistan and Bangladesh are considered holy and sacred ceremony. They are often long and complicated ritual with many of the situations before the wedding, wedding, after wedding ceremonies. And often the location of the wedding ceremony on the occasion of one of the most important pre-wedding ritual, especially for the bride. It's fun filled ritual, which is mainly celebrated by the bride's family. Various regions of the country, the ritual ceremony in a different way according to their customs and rituals of marriage and culture. Mehndi ceremony held outside the subcontinent Hindi in Asia and the community places such as Birmingham in the United Kingdom known hot spots such events Qiran exuberant.

The ceremony is mainly held in the bride's home or in the lounge on the eve of a wedding or a few days before the wedding. Generally the bride and groom to attend this event together, and sometimes a professional henna artist or a family member applies to the bride's wedding site in the hands and feet of the designs are very complicated. Were often hidden in the name of the Mehndi pattern or initials of the groom are applied. This event is generally a festive feel to the festival with the women dancing and singing traditional songs and girls wear vibrant colors like hot pink and yellow, and often the bride would want to be her future groom will wear a purple comb. The groom is not allowed to wear Western boots, and tends to wear the "Aladdin shoes.

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