Herbal Use of Mehndi

Herbal use of Mehndi

As a richly colorful cosmetic, Mehndi is also to have many healing qualities, many herbal doctors still recommend the use of Mehndi for some ailments such as dry skin and speed the healing of cuts and scratches. It is also a conditioner when applied to the head and knows also said to stop hair loss by strengthening the roots of the hair. Mehndi would have brought to India by the Mugals in 12 AD after it was used for centuries in the Middle East and Africa.

 Natural can take anything between 1-2 weeks, depending on the number of times the colored area is washed and the body temperature. So if you need to get rid of quickly Mehndi color the area often, and stay in the warm temperature, as sweating will also fade.

Mehndi or henna comes in many different shades and colors ranging from red orange to brown-black.

Ready-to-eat Mehndi is readily available at most stores in most countries, you can also buy ready-made templates to help you apply. Most professional Mehndi artists are hired to apply Mehndi, but it can be very fun for the whole family as your own. So here is a step by step method for making and applying henna:

1) Fill half cup of natural ground henna powder. You can also tea, coffee, cloves, lemon and sugar to the colors and give a deeper shade, which will continue for much longer, but these are purely optional.

2) add to a scale not stain. My advice is to use an empty margarine container (so even if it does stain it does not matter when you go throw it away anyway), the container will also have a margarine lid to help you save the Mehndi and not let dry so fast.

3) Add a small amount of boiling water on the scale together with a few drops of oil and Jasmin homogenise the paste is similar in consistency as toothpaste.

4) Place the lid on the container and allow the pasta to settle for about 2-3 hours.

5) You can adjust almost everything Mehndi, depending on the complexity of your design, but the most commonly used are toothpicks.

6) About 3 hours is a good time for the Mehndi paste to settle on your skin.

7) You can also apply lemon juice with sugar to stick on your skin for a longer period and not flake out.

8) Once dry simply peel the dried Mehndi, but does not wash for at least 12 hours.

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