Henna and Mehndi

Henna & Mehndi

Henna Tattoos for celebrations and special events. Mocksha Park has been serving people for the Commission of the Southern Oregon. Aka Mehandi Henna is a big part of Indian culture, and is being implemented in all major / Little occasion.

Park Mocksha serve the special needs of your henna following cases:

Anniverseries, beauty, birthday, dance, festivals, attended the celebration of women, education and self-celebration of the spiritual, education, recreation,
Recovery, and Lova citizenship, success, and fraternity, and weddings, and new traditions

Mehndi is the art of traditional painting hnoy in India. Henna plant with a little small, dark green leaf flavor. Henna leaves dried, crushed to a fine powder (see figure), in which the accuracy of the nomination of two or more than once, using a fine nylon cloth. Procedures for nomination and provide the results in the erosion of coarse powder, fiber, making the remaining, and a simple request.

   The use of henna is different from many of the religious beliefs of others.

   These differences in the design of each different culture, fertility, and spiritual
   awareness, good health and beauty. Other applications:

        * Applied to decorate the feet, hands and other parts of the body
        * Used in the refrigeration / air treatment
        * Applied as part of the marriage feast to decorate the bride
        * Applied to Shifa pharmaceutical properties
        * Applied as a skin therapist and Disinfectant
        * Apply conditioner to hair coloring and natural (with patches of orange
           light burgendy)
        * Applied stain the fingers of pharaohs before embalming
        * Applied to people because of the debt because they are aware of the
           individual above the earth and energy.
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