Mehndi Body Art

As they say ... something in history. On a recent Saturday morning, I am despite the construction of roads to reach Faces II Day Spa in Mequon, Wisconsin. I was on my very Mehndi Body Art tattoos.

Julia different designs to choose books. I marveled at the complex are available, which are traditionally used for the hands and feet, but a very few brave souls in his portrait of the portfolio has a number of beautiful belly-button job. Without that specific kind of courage, I chose the only curly-cue design of forming a bracelet around my right wrist.


The artist, Julia was ready for me a minute I walked in. full-time student, Julia explained that it was not once in his life to the art they like to do, so they found a way for her art skills to work part time as Mehndi artist. "Mehndi" said she, "is the Henna tattoo, which is applied to the skin as a paste. Pasta reacts on the skin of natural warmth, color of skin in the area of development that have been used."

This procedure is not difficult. Julia would like to mix your Henna paste, but it is also available in pre-mixed bottles. On the contrary, the naturalist, Julia said she preferred to mix, because they know that they are preservative-Friday The same applies to the subject of this color. Since henna is natural vegetable products, ready to stain to differing shades of brown to dark brown, sometimes red. It can be found some colorful pre-made mixes, but it would be artificial colors, which contradicts the ancient art of Mehndi.

Use a small bottle identical to those used for dyeing fabrics, Julie quickly copied the design, I decided, Free Hand, and not using a model. When I saw how his hand was stable at this speed, they laughed, "comes with practice." Although most people opt for the traditional Mehndi designs, they can give them any design the customer wants. Less than 15 minutes after it started, I had a black, puffy design on my wrist and I was given the opportunity to, or just air dry. Patience is not a strong force, after 5 minutes, I changed my mind, and asked the blow dryer.

Julia explained the treatment I have my tattoo. Once he was blotted dry on a mixture of half a lemon juice and half sugar. "Acidity regulators lemon juice will darken the color and the sugar, lemon juice will help to follow. Both also help moisten the paste, which also helps the process of darkening." The customer, who would not want to stop and wait for the drying, easy to do this step at home. I had to leave the paste for about 5 hours and to avoid wet. Pasta and easily flaked off, and olive oil to the devastated remains of the paste. As a result, tattoos lasts from 2 to 4 weeks, depending on how often and what kind of soap used to wash is.

While doing my research on the history of Mehndi, I learned how fortunate I am to my new Henna tattoo. Now I'm immune to the evil eye, black magic, harmful Genies and many other dangerous supernatural forces. The Art of the application of Henna (Mehndi) goes back at least 5000 years. It originated in Egypt and the Middle East, and was extended to India by the Muslims. The most traditional use of Mehndi for special occasions and holidays, weddings, births, deaths, even the first menstruations. During these events, life, women are most vulnerable to evil spirits and the use of Henna is a form of protection for them. Individual projects of particular interest, and some of them good luck, health, fertility, sun, moon, etc. Art Mehndi is now popular in the United States, with celebrities such as Madonna, Demi Moore, and sometimes known artist Prince, as displaying Henna tattoos.
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