Mehndi for Brides

The Vital Ingredient in any Wedding

A traditional Indian / Pakistani wedding is one that lasts many days. We have perhaps the most flamboyant and colorful weddings, which in my opinion, not matched by any other community or society in the world.

Whereas the average European marriage no more than an average of 75 cards printed, we have an average of no less than 300 cards per wedding per side. namely 300 of the brides side and 300 on the grooms side! (by the way, most cards we printed for a wedding was in 1250 cards! - the boys side) And if we get married we do not usually invite only a handful of selected people, we invite everyone, and in some cases everyone!   We have many beautiful and tasty dishes on our menu's preparation begins many days before the big day itself.

Many of our wedding traditions have been adopted by the European or western communities, such as decorate the house with lights and decorations a few days before the wedding, elaborate decoration of the wedding vehicle is a limousine, a Rolls Royce or a horse transport, and do not forget the application of Mehndi or henna on the hands and feet (and sometimes also in many other places!) of all involved in the wedding.


Our weddings are not boring, as anyone who has ever participated in an Indo / Pakistan will tell you, it's a big party, full of color song and dance, lasting for many days and in some cases weeks.

The last four to five days leading up to the wedding day itself are all planned and organized with a wide range of activities in each of the evenings.

Mehndi is not synonymous with the Western marriage, but is now big business in the western world with the will of Maddona, Darryl Hanna, Prince and Demi Moore to name but a few that have seen in public with Mehndi tattoos on parts of their anatomies . .. and think the idea that they come from?

Mehndi is a short-term tattoo, not something that you are saddled with the rest of your life, just because someone had dared you, or were drunk or maybe thought it was a great idea at the time! This is a tattoo you can as often as you want, wherever you want and it is quite safe, and only for a few days. It is made from all natural ingredients, so you can be sure of not getting any harmful or malicious elements in your skin.

The application of Mehndi in our culture is a sign of a happy occasion, it is almost always used for festive occasions like Diwali, Eid, wedding, engagement, and so on. I myself have tried on a few occasions to mess with Mehndi patterns, the best tattoo I have done is that of a heart on the back of my hand, and that's about it! But I am sure that we have seen or know Mehndi artists completely brilliant. Many artists known Mehndi command fees of anywhere between 150 to 1500 dollars for a wedding. And not to forget the gifts like sarees, jewelry, sweets and other gifts they expect! The ultimate idea is for the bride, having to start a new life away from her family, to feel like a princess.

Mehndi is used at weddings for a small family affair with a handful of close friends are invited to attend a small function at home a day or so before the wedding. But now has gone public! It is not unusual for a large hall to be made, with beautiful flowers, huge guest lists and four or five course meal, including a very loud (and sometimes annoying) DJ to entertain the guests. Mehndi is traditionally used only for the bride, but now the groom's side also insist that they are applied to the groom at (any excuse for a party). It is these ceremonies where the bride and groom are fed (and sometimes force-fed - but all in good fun) with sweets or mithai, by almost all senior members.

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