Ubtan and Mehndi

To the obsession with beautiful both men and women throughout the ages, but vary from one country to another, as well as in accordance with the timing and way of life. The desire of looking magician basis of the world known as the first natural cosmetics - 'Ubtan', originally started as a ritual in India. Ritual Ubtan ', also known as "De Battne painter' in Punjabi, and" Kappumanjal 'in Tamil is one of the key components of' Solah - Shringaar "(sixteen ways to decorate the body)." Ubtan 'application is a device used to decorate the body, which dates back to ancient times and is beyond the legacy of rich Indian heritage. Believed that during Vedic era, which was scheduled by doctors for the protection of Vedic, nutrition and beauty skin. And clear results with the use of "Ubtan" gave wide publicity before and that may become a routine fashion for men and women, in those days, which is applied to beautify the skin and set up later in the belief that ritual for brides and grooms for marriage.

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