Mehndi and Gold Jewellary

Look who I saw running on the creation of an amazing combination of Mehndi and Gold Jewellary  Spring '09 collection (half from now!) It's Rasm-e-Henna, of course. What I like about them is they seem perfectly combines the spirit of Tomboy girlish charm. On the one hand we have a gray hoodie, skinny jeans and simple striped Mehndi and Gold Jewellary- but on the other hand, was one of the less than peak sequin hoodie nails, socks and gold and bright pink. What is a mix / mash! Why did you choose sides? You can play for a team of girls and a boy group! Crystal, for example, and do the same from your closet and your husband. Cali meet, and we are a wonderful trainee / siteger web / fashion designer. We have something (anything, and we mean incredibly), obsessed by the way it pairs QSW few elements of our favorite 2-of-the trends of the moment: the remarkable statement necklace and socks without shoes just overlooking. Get her look with vests and memory, NoĆ©mie Tank (either for sale so grab them quickly!) Of your necklace / boots of choice.

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