Eventual Mehndi

I 'm always looking for new source of inspiration, it can come from everywhere - pictures in a magazine, and art and writing on the walls, a sign, a man in the street playing his saxophone - everywhere. Today, I received inspiration in the form of an amazing street style web siteger.We know about the heavy hitters (Eventual Mehndi), but it was this new discovery. Name Maya Villiger, and creative is a wonderful site turned out. It's everyday life and function of the finest pictures, more elegant girl dancing in the streets of Pakistan and India. I like to see who catches her eye, but something else that draws me is the return collage creations. Their own creations of mehndi when it hits the streets, and often find the girl lives and breathes it look modge podged with clippings from magazines.  So if you are looking for a new source of inspiration, because it seems to show that the Maya Masterpieces soul.Here feed your fashion with events of mehndi keep taking something, making their own and give it new life.

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