Traditions of Mehndi

Traditions of Mehndi

Too many historical events in the speech Mehandi is the art of Muslims who brought henna to India, Arabia, where he became a personal style zone. In the Indian Mehandi, a person applies designs traditionally female hands and feet. To very favorable, and the men also apply Mehandi.

* Mehandi into use, because the cooling effect in the healing of the hot weather in India, as it means the bride and groom to get to know each other before marriage, agreed. Different traditions behind the use of Mehandi, including wedding games and legends. For example, the groom's name, which is usually written somewhere within the bride Mehandi, if he can find his name in the design of the complex, said the bride, the marriage contract. Dark design Mehandi for brides and grooms means that the two will have a strong relationship. Mehandi in recent years and has become popular figures in West Hollywood and musicians, and the current trend of fast women and men in the world of culture.

The best of circumstances to justify Mehandi Art Indian weddings, where both the bride and groom for the application of henna, and several members of the wedding ceremony. Henna symbolizes fertility at any time. At the wedding, henna painting also represent the love between spouss.

The ability to wear Mehandi Design
* Hindu weddings, special occasions of henna on the body. Mehandi Although used widely in many Hindu festivals and holidays, and there is no doubt that the Hindu wedding ceremony has become synonymous with this beautiful red dye. Hindus and often uses the term "Mehandi 'equal footing with marriage, Mehandi and is considered one of the jewels and the most promising of a married woman.

* Mehandi is not just a means of artistic expression, and sometimes mandatory for a working Indian weddings. Hindu wedding ceremony which includes a number of religious resources, before and during marriage. Mehandi play a very important role, so it is not at all the Hindu Marriage

* Mehandi admired and accepted by both men and women and a device for air-conditioning and hair dyes. Mehandi is also used during various fasting observed by married women. It is generally assumed that most of Mehandi in the mid-point hands, and four small parties, the existence of the gods Ganesha and Lakshmi.

* Wedding planning wedding usually contains a hidden message on behalf of the groom's hand. It believes the groom If you can not find his name in the lines of a complex, the bride leading the married life. Sometimes the wedding night is not permitted by the groom and found names. Therefore, the "name game" is the last chance to wear Mehandi.

Dress according Mehandi
With regional exceptions, and if you want a traditional Hindu wedding, you can wear a wedding dress, which is usually referred to as "valid in chestnut brown color represented fertility, health and prosperity. Guests posts, and all visitors must comply with customs and women should wear long and both sexes should include the arms to avoid crime by mistake.

'Haldi', turmeric paste is applied to the body of God groom shower, and usually regarded as "tikka" or wear "Tilak" on his forehead.

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