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Eid Party Wear               Bridal Dresses


Pants and tucked in his waist, and held in Rabat, or even an elastic band. Pants are too wide and loose, or it can be very narrow and made of pieces of cloth on the bias.

When women wear pants kameez, and usually wears a long scarf or shawl called Dupatta around the head or neck. Muslim women, and Dupatta is a less stringent alternative to the chador or burqa (see hijab and veil). To Sikhs, Hindus, women (especially from northern India,

In the latter case they are known as churidar. Usually be cut kameez straight and flat, and ancient Indian use traditional cuts, as shown in the illustration, modern kameez are more European-inspired group, in the sleeves. Khayyat, taste and skill are usually not reflected in the overall reduction, but in the form of the neck and Indian decoration.

where kameez trousers is the most popular), and Dupatta is useful when the head must be covered, as is the case in the temple or the presence of elders. For other women, and Dupatta is just a stylish accessory that can be worn over one shoulder or wrapped around the chest and both shoulders.

Modern versions of the feminine Salwar kameez can be much less modest than traditional versions. The kameez may be cut with a plunging neckline, sewn into the fabric transparent, or pattern designs in sleeveless or cap sleeves. The kameez side seams may be split high up to the waist and can be worn with pants hung low on the hips. When women wear semi-transparent salwar (mostly as a party dress), she was wearing Choli cropped T-shirt or below.

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