Eid Party Wear

Eid Party Wear               Bridal Dresses

Eid Party Wear

On the eve of 29th or 30th of Ramadan, eager eyes were looking up into the sky to the moon in half, from the "holiday spot signals. Climbing rooftops or gathering in balconies to peer at the night sky is an exciting rite, especially children,

In the interest raised in the hands of supplication to God, and the only way of the Prophet Muhammad (صلى الله عليه و سلم] to locate the bad moon crescent. Muslims pray to the Almighty that he accepts all acts of worship they did during the holy month of Ramadan, and that he blesses them with higher levels of faith and the determination to continue along the path for the rest of the year. Women hasten to start preparing recipes to celebrate the next day, many of which will be breakfast, lunch and dinner!

         Hand decorated with henna bright new clothes, shoes and accessories, and be prepared for the removal of prayer in the morning the next day. Girls and women decorate their hands with Mehndi or henna, it is permissible for a Muslim family by `dinner hosted

 that is, those who love adventure, Once that's done the moon and the smile on the faces of people when they break the greeting with each other, "like the feast, and reads the zoom of the Islamic" Allah Akbar "(meaning" God is great "), exchanged warm hugs and light.

by the women together to put henna on each other, but stay up late to" party "scare. The focus should be retired to bed early to wake easily sunrise the next day.

         This night is also the period during which Sadaqat al-Fitr should be distributed to the poor and needy by the head of the family. This is a fixed amount of basic foodstuffs such as flour, dates or rice, and instead of that, the price of staple fibers are also given as Fitr charity.

         The point to note is that some Muslims to spend the night Day "roaming the streets, ogling members of the opposite sex, and removes the market under the guise of buying bracelets, music, or get on the ice and put henna on his hands. Fireworks and other tools used to break the peace and quiet at night. This activities are against the spirit of Islam and the manners of the arrival of Christmas celebration in a dignified manner.

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