Traditional Sarees

Traditional Sarees

Saree weavers came from Andhra Pradesh and weaving skills flourished under the patronage of Krishna Deva Raya. Silk clothing was considered private property and religious ceremonies and marriage. Kanchipuram silk saris are produced with a high level of skills in the field of textiles Sarris best materials. Double twin pack will complement the rich texture. Silk yarn and gold fell to liquid gold and silver in the stadiums. And adds to the appeal and value of Sarris that makes it one of the most popular wedding, wedding saris for women. Kanchipuram Saris, also known as Kancheevaram or Kanchivaram in force

And Saree has a rich history and has many identities. Depending on the area in Saree, which will determine the composition and form. In virtually every region or state, in India there is a valid claim for its diversity, beautiful in its own way. India State and the northeastern state of Assam is known for it's gold colored silk, which is used to weave some of the most beautiful sari, unique and lasting peace. The process to make these saris is a complex process and requires manual. Assamese have a tradition of weaving some of the best quality, operating in India. Moya, and the program referred to two types of Assam silk famous. These saris are inextricably detailed and very well known that durable. Price Assam Sarah Silk vary depending on the quality, but the highest quality of Mougins, silk Sarah referred to the program will cost a pretty penny.

Left example of Assam Muga silk saris. Muga silk gloss white color to it during the work programs referred to silk, as a rule, will shine a little more golden. Glitter, which determines the state of Assam in force regardless of the other, as well as the tendency to repeat the structure of small achal, in Sari, which is located on the shoulder. Being in a state of Assam, the most famous handicraft industry, it is not uncommon for households and the state of Assam, even today, we have a loom used to create not only necessary but also towels and other items, cloth.

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