Tips for Bridal

important Tips for Bridal


Along with a prior consultation with your beautician at least one week before the wedding. Take your wedding outfit and samples of the jewelry you would wear.
Another good idea is to be a reference to look in magazines and advertisements of the kind you want, so that the beauty is not blind towards creating your look.
The fundamental point to remember is the coordinating colors. If your outfit is a blazing pink, you can not dare to wear red lipstick and nail. Are you a beautician and hair stylist who you trust. No point in settling a budget beauty when the look of an entire life at stake.


It is essential not only to look absolutely perfect on your wedding night. It is also important that the perfection continues through, and never let you down. And think fast, those are the things you should care


Important Tips for Bridal Room

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Decorate the palms of the hands and feet of the bride with exotic designs mehendi is a ritual in Pakistani weddings. The designs draw their inspiration from different schools of folk and tribal art.
In a sense it is a more urban form of the art of tattoo. Just that the herbs used in mehendi not only contributes to the beauty of the skin but also nourishes the permeatel as the pores of the skin.

Now, professionals usually do at home and in the salon. Women who take the contract home service charge between Rs. 500 to Rs. 2500, depending on the number of people that they attend.
For more complex designs, for both the hands and feet, the cost can reach as high as Rs. 1000. And even that one would have to go all the way to the salon.  


Your lips are an important part of the look, just as important as the eyes. Line your lips with a lip-liner - a shade darker than the lipstick you've chosen and then fill in the lipstick with a brush. Blot it gently with a tissue and powder with pressed powder and repeat the liner conferences and lipstick routine. This helps your lipstick last longer.


It is amazing what a transformation of a good dental job to reach for your face. It is wise to make an appointment with your dentist a few months before the wedding. Do not wait until the last minute. You do not want to appear before your wedding with a swollen face and cotton between your pearly whites white, do you?
This, as they say, the tokens. Take care, and the pound - to create the right impression is that - will take care of themselves.


These are the ten things that need to be with you as the center stage on your wedding day:
* Your trust - without which every thing is drainage.
* Your hair brush - to the elements under control.
* Your perfume - for the continued freshness which   
   stations out the bad smell.
* Your lipstick - great for your lips to end of the day.
 * A compact - for the restoration of damage caused by
   mishandling by family members.
* Some hairpin bends - to prick yourself and get your
   Based on your dreams.
 * Safety pins - for a quick-fix, in clothes or relations.
 * Face Tissues or wipes - to stain the tears that
    you may shed.
 * Breath freshener - to your husband closer to you.
 * Money - without marriage is a big risk.

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