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Girls Make Up Tips

Prior to any make-up, you should clean your face with water with a pinch of bicarbonate of soda. Then apply ice cubes on the face. This can make up longer.

Concealer is used to hide dark circles around the eyes, and is also used to cover blemishes and scars. A beige concealer is ideal for dark skin and one with natural tones for fairer skins. This should be evenly with a dry sponge or your fingers. Now, the foundation.


Eye shadow colors should be carefully selected, light shadow is applied to the lids for a basis. Dark eye shadow is then used in the outer corners of eyes, the eyes.

A kajal or Kohl stick can be used in the inner eyelid to the eyes appear even more dramatic. 

Foundation is used to the color of the complexion. Three species can be used, depending on your skin. For dry skin, liquid foundation works best whereas semi-liquid is best for combination skins. Foundation can be applied with a sponge and blended into the hairline and along the jaw for a natural finish.

Mascara on the eyelashes enhances this effect. Eyebrows should be sharp and clean and be free of all traces of make-up.
Translucent powder is used to dust the face. It helps that the foundation to continue longer. Excess powder should be brushed off. Blusher should be blended evenly along the cheekbones.
The lips must be marked with a lip liner so that the lipstick does not bleed. Lipstick is applied and then blended with the lip liner. Then dust your lips with powder so that the lipstick lasts for a longer period, and then the last coat.
Making UpMake-up has the power to you in the mood for what lies ahead. It can help you the person you want to be more at ease and satisfied with yourself. Use make-up show the other side of your personality, any one you never knew you had. Sometimes glamorous, sometimes beautiful and sometimes obviously ... the choice is as wide as you want to create. Believe in experimenting with color: a new approach to creating the most successful results.
If you do not know how your make-up well, even the most creative finished effect will look acid than beautiful. But if your time in front of the mirror practicing the ground rules and acquire the tricks of the trade ... ... ... ... ... you will quickly learn to perfect sight.
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