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In conclusion, it should be ready with a potential partner is found this method to find marriage partners that the marriage is fixed. Parents help in finding a marriage partner, but - finally - for the individual to choose. There is no pressure or force used and lack of pressure applied to help to dispel any fears for the people. This does not mean that boys and girls can meet and choose their partners. In fact, in many cases not even those who met during the education or social gatherings, and then, at the request of their parents had an arranged marriage. This will demand is usually met. However, if there is reason for parents to be different, it is usually discussed and decided to find a solution for both parties. Another way to search for partners is a boy and a girl to marry to meet and talk informally at social functions such as weddings, parties and festivals like Navratri with these meetings, often after having previously held by parents or relations.

Only once for boys and girls show mutual interest during the meeting, a first preliminary meeting for them to talk and share ideas in their interests, intentions and future plans. And can be extended for more than a meeting of its kind. In fact, very common these days, having interest in each other, and meet their own to speak, and become more familiar with them. Once satisfied that the nature of each, and award rules can be made by parents. Each party, at this stage, is still free to supply with absolutely no resentment fall.

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