Presentation of Henna Mehndi

Presentation of Henna & Mehndi

Hindu Wedding - 'Vivah Lagna "- is a combination of two souls in marriage ceremony, performed according to Hindu religion. However, marriage as described in Hinduism, is a national institution, not only two souls (male and female), but especially in competition two families, which formed after the ceremony relationship.Marriage special according to Hindu religion, is the perfect union between men and women spiritually, mentally and physically, necessary for reproduction and continuation of human race. This article is a brief explanation of the normal routes and customs of Hindu marriage including events to find a partner before marriage, through participation and registration and close to the actual wedding itself.

Order: word''-order when used in combination with Hindu marriage - is rotated fully and this misunderstanding has given rise to the famous phrase "arranged marriage", which in Western society, it can be misinterpreted as "marriage forced. The process of arranging a marriage of two is not just a boy to find a girl - or vice versa - for parents with parents, boy or girl, or - as many people mistakenly believe - forced marriages. In fact, parents of boy and girls and usually displays them from relatives and friends, and asked for suggestions for a suitable partner, who know or know.

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