Traditional Tattoos

Traditional Tattoos

It is time that these vampires in the cultural mainstream media woke up to the fact that the tattoo is not a fad. Although tattoos are a fair bit of pressure in the recent part of eminent personalities and flashing on the ink in public places.

I think that this is only part of the story. I would venture to say that the main reason for this massive increase in people such as tattoos go much deeper. Believe it or not, the vast majority of people do not get tattoos in some futile attempt to one part of the public or cold, but because some of them understand the deeper significance of tattoos and you need something beyond the mundane. Hack to the weary and cynical about the meaning of this hunger is completely lost on them.

Or shows such as Miami Ink tattoo artists, with carefully chosen by the whole process, a kind of tattoo of modern chemistry in the same way thousands of hopefuls that he wanted to be a DJ in the late 1990s when he was the DJ regarded Shaman.

Perhaps because they can not see the consumer culture they are trapped empty in.They fear for anyone who is not part of the mindless consumer culture. Fear is what is really important the subtle disguise. Shines through in all that is written from the cliches that suffer nonsense disguised as journalism in the mainstream culture of the ultra-conservative fundamentalist newspapers warning of the evils and regrets to those who get tattoos. To any person outside these steps collective hallucination immediately known is the reality of consensus singled out the herd and ridiculed. The same form of mind control to brainwash the children to accept all what they have learned in school and told never to power or big lies about the history issue. No wonder people grow up to be mindless sheep because they teach them from this early age. History has really grown in a series of lies and agreed to keep people in their places, and to maintain the status quo.

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