Facts On Stones And Crytal Gems

"To many people, the pieces of jewelry that they wear are more than just pieces of accents. On a regular basis, it is a reflection of who we are. Irrespective of the type of jewelry that we are actually wearing, they sometimes speak about our personality. In other words, these pieces of accessories represent who we are. For instance, those who prefer pieces of jewelry that are simple looking yet elegant, are often, exactly like that and those who prefer jewels that are bold like those gothic jewels are exactly that bold as a person. Those who prefer to use sterling silver, however, are said to be reserved yet not necessarily lacking in a sense of adventure. This means that they can be wild and adventurous but they can also be serious when they need to be. These conclusions maybe just plain personal opinions but if you think that you fit in to the last category, then this article is definitely very helpful for you.

So how do take care of your sterling silver cuff bracelets or necklaces or rings or what have you? It's all very simple. Keep them away from anything that's chemical in nature, especially liquids which can have more lasting damaging effects on metals. Lotions, colognes, even shampoos, conditioners, dishwashing liquid, chlorine and anything that is chemical in nature should not be allowed to touch your jewelry. This is because these chemicals can destroy your jewelry like loosening any stone or sheen off those metals. There are a lot of people who are into collecting pieces of jewelry and most of them love gemstones as well.
Why wouldnt they? They are gorgeous! Whether they're made of rocks or crystals of a certain mineral, gemstones are always a pleasure to the eye. And they bring a sense of pride to those who wear them, especially women. Some people also wear gems for the astrological value they hold. There were some talks that people wear gems to attract different things that they lack in their lives like love, happiness or even money. Although there has been no scientific evidence to prove these claims or to disprove these claims, many still wear them just for their beauty. Indeed, humans have always been fascinated by these gems and there's nothing they won't do to preserve these natural beauties.

Gems may seem hard to touch but you must remember that they are easily broken. So it is important to make sure you take proper care of them especially when you are wearing them. The most basic way to do that is to keep them clean, especially when they're inlaid in metal. You can do this by soaking them in a soap and water solution or using a very soft brush to remove hardened dust and other stains. The next thing that you should be thinking about is where you store your gems. Again, while they are all hard on the surface, some are harder and more prone to scratches as well. Therefore, separating them and dividing them in to two categories is important. This means that you must separate the hard ones from those that are even harder. You can tell that a gem is soft when they are opaque and those that are transparent ones are made of crystals or a certain mineral . Crystals are, of course, harder than stones. To avoid the crystals from scratching the stones, you have to separate them from each other. Another thing that you should always handle with utmost care are pearls and ambers mainly because they are softer and more vulnerable to scratches.

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