Romantic Element of Pearls in Jewelry

The fast changing fashion makes this world so dazzling. The diamond used to be "the queen of gems", but now it is not able to satisfy the more fashion-conscious people any more. All kinds of other gems and jewelry are becoming just as popular. The new fashion concept is virtually a harmony of all gems in different categories. In this concept, each kind of gem is endowed with new elements. Modern pearls have become so functional---they don't only represent dignity and wealth any more, but now have a more romantic element. Now pearls are essential to create a romantic style of jewelry. They are being combined with romantic patterns like flowers, symbols of purity like platinum and representing long-lasting love stones like diamond. With pearls, the whole piece of jewelry becomes so much visual and refined.

Pearls with floral patterns
When people realize how important the nature has become, patterns about nature, such as leaf, strawberry, bamboo, flower, butterflies, etc. become a new fashion item and are brought into jewelry. In a piece of jewelry with flower patterns, pearls are usually set in the middle of petals as pistil, or set next to the flower as dew, or a cluster of pearls are set as fruits. Pearls just add so much life and bring out the romance for the whole piece of jewelry.

Pearls with platinum
White oval shiny fresh water pearls match so well with platinum. Platinum has natural clean whiteness with shiny brightness, while smooth white pearls have feminine soft personality. In a necklace or bracelet, five or six white pearls are arranged separately on a fine platinum chain, which makes the whole set exquisite.

Pearls with diamonds
Diamonds are glittering and translucent with a sharp luster and white light. Opaque pearls seem transparent by its shininess and colorful overtones. Clear diamonds make lustrous pearls more mysterious. A combination of Tahiti black pearls and white diamonds not only gives a perfect color contrast, but also defines how perfect the diamond's brilliance and the pearl's elegance match together.

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