Cosmetic Value of Pearls and Pearl Jewelry

Do you know that wearing a pearl strand necklace for a long time may help avoid faucitis (sore throat) and hyperthyroidism? This is because long term exposure to pearls can make the human body system "cool down", so wearing a pearl strand may also ease the temper during menopause. Besides, because of the smooth nature of nacre and the elements containing in pearls, the area on your neck, where expose to your pearl necklace, may become very smooth and soft. In fact, people started to use pearls for medical and cosmetic use as early as 2000 years ago. Pearls contain plenty of chemicals including calcium, carbon, hydrogen, nitrogen, magnesium, manganese, aluminum, iron, tungsten, zinc, lead, silver, gold, lithium, iodine, zirconium, selenium, etc. The hydrolysate of pearl powder contains all kinds of aminophenol, which are essential for the balance of human body system. Taking pearl powder regularly may enhance metabolism, as a result your skin would become smooth, and it can slow down the aging process.

However, not every person is safe to take pearl powder because some people can't handle the cold nature of pearls, so most people virtually wear pearl jewelry or use pearl powder as a facial mask. By both ways, effective elements in pearl powder can filter through human pores, be absorbed by deep tissue, and result in cosmetic improvements. Pearl powder facial mask is more efficient though. Below are some tips to make a pearl powder facial mask.

1. Pearl powder + fruits + milk
Method: Blend apple, cucumber and pear together, add 2 spoons of milk, 2 spoons of water and 0.3g pearl powder, mix well, then apply on the face, wash away in 15 minutes.

2. Pearl powder + milk + honey + egg white
Method: mix 3 spoons of milk, 1.5 spoons of honey, one egg white and 0.3g pearl powder. Apply on the face, wash away in 15 minutes.

3. Pearl powder + olive oil
Method: mix one spoon of olive oil and 0.15g pearl powder, apply around eyes for 15 minutes and clean it.

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