Women's Cheap Travel Jewelry for Evening Wear

Women's travel jewelry is allowed to be over-the-top when it's worn with evening wear. There are lots of great options for cheap costume jewelry which look perfectly fine for drinks and dancing in a new town, or for wandering about on a cruise ship on formal night. Not many Boomer Chicks have diamond encrusted chandelier earrings, but for those who do, it is probably prudent to leave the good stuff at home in a vault, even when the itinerary includes partying with the French Ambassador. For traveling, a party girl should purchase some good fake bling like everyone else. The word costume, as used in the phrase "costume jewelry" actually translates to mean "ensemble" or "outfit". It has nothing to do with dressing up as Cher for a Halloween Party. Costume jewelry is jewelry which is bought to go with a specific outfit, as opposed to "good" jewelry, which is bought to go with anything.

While packing, a woman should lay out her evening costumes to see if she needs a little spice to jazz up her evening looks. Ladies may want to seek out cool jewelry that isn't seen on every other woman, or to find new creative ways to put their outfits together. As always, the trick with costume jewelry earrings is to find something that is cute and substantial, but not too heavy.

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